Justice for OSU Alumni

Attorneys representing OSU Dr. Strauss sexual abuse survivors.

The First Attorneys to File a Lawsuit Against Ohio State

Our law firms are the only group that has filed a class action lawsuit against OSU. We continue to seek financial compensation for any person who was sexually assaulted by Dr. Strauss. The number of victims may number over 1,000.

Ohio State has settled with a small group of individual abuse victims represented by attorneys who apparently valued their client's claims very differently than we value ours. Our attorneys continue to insist on full compensation for our clients, all of whom suffered extreme sexual abuse and life-altering trauma at the hands of Dr. Richard Strauss.

Survivors of Dr. Strauss sexual abuse are encouraged to call the class action legal team at (800) 474-5201. All consultations are free and 100% confidential. Survivors of Dr. Strauss also can choose to remain anonymous if they wish to join fellow alumni in holding Ohio State accountable.


The Only Law Firms Fighting for Victims at the Statehouse

Courageous OSU alumni & survivors of Dr. Strauss

Kent Kilgore, OSU Swimming

Roger Beedon, OSU Hockey

Mike Schyck, OSU Wrestling

You are not alone. Their story is your story.

OSU alumni come forward and share their experience with OSU and Dr. Strauss.

Hiring the Right Legal Team to Protect Your Legal Rights

We’re a coalition of award-winning national law firms that have spent more than a decade fighting for sexually abused athletes. Our team of experienced trial attorneys represent many former Ohio State athletes abused by Dr. Richard Strauss. The time has come for Ohio State to compensate alumni abused by Strauss and to change its policies that led to the abuse of more than 1,000 students.

Your case can be pursued confidentially and without the disclosure of your identity. Contact us at 800-474-5201 or by email at attorneys@osumetoo.com or through this contact form:

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