A Look at How OSU's Inaction Impacted OSU Alumni

Dr. Strauss survivors share their stories

The burden of sexual abuse weighs heavily on victims and their families

They put us in a meat grinder of a situation, where we were constantly subjected to perversion and sexual abuse, and nobody wanted to do anything about it. Everybody knew about it, but nobody wanted to do anything about it.

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Strauss sexual abuse victim says the last three years have been like “hell for me”

Since learning the extent of Strauss’ abuse, John has developed anxiety, depression and has trouble sleeping.

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‘Maybe if none of this happened I’d be married, I’d be with my kids and I’d be a doctor right now’

“It made me question everything I’d been hoping to do. It completely shook my foundation.”

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Hockey player was kicked off the team after complaining about Dr. Richard Strauss

They knew about this. They took my life; they took everything that I had. Twenty years old, went there to get my degree and to become a professional athlete. Instead, I got introduced to Dr. Richard Strauss.

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Larkins Hall

Strauss victim asks, “Do you know what it’s like to go to work when you’re afraid of someone?”

“Strauss made my life miserable. He was always there, following me around and intimidating me,” Rafael said. “I’d try to go the other way when I saw him. I was mentally a mess.” Rafael did tell his Larkins Hall supervisor about the abuse and was ignored. “My supervisor said, ‘Sorry that happened,’ and that was it,” Rafael said.

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Strauss victim turns to the badge

Strauss victim says, ‘I paid for my Ohio State education in more ways than one’

I’m paying a heavy emotional price for my education because the most profound and life-altering things I purchased from The Ohio State University were not found in the classroom, they were found in Dr. Richard Strauss’s exam rooms at the OSU Health Center and later at his private practice.

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All-American wrestler urges OSU Trustees to “make it right, so we can heal from this”

“He took advantage of me in a small room with all my teammates just outside the door,” Schyck said. “We were all exposed to Dr. Strauss through physicals, check-ups, visits for an injury or ailment, and the coaches and administrators knew.”

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OSU Strauss Diving

Former diver’s allegations detail oral sex act committed by Dr. Richard Strauss

Robert was so traumatized by Dr. Richard Strauss’s abuse that he sought help from a therapist to learn how to trust again. But all he got was a list of OSU-provided services for sexual abuse victims who live in Ohio. Robert lives in Florida and hopes to overcome his trust issues, so he can form long-lasting and loving relationships going forward.

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OSU team doctor Richard Strauss was known as ‘Mr. Clean,’ former gymnast says

Patterns are beginning to emerge as more victims come forward to tell their stories of being sexually abused by former Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss. Taking a Strauss physical was the “price of admission to gymnastics,” James noted. It was a steep price to pay, with most victims remaining silent for years.

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Brian’s Story

As a result of the sexual abuse perpetrated by Dr. Richard Strauss, Brian Garrett continues to live with the ramifications of Ohio State’s failure to protect students from Dr. Strauss. Since the investigation started, Brian has frequently woken up in the middle of the night feeling paralyzed.

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