A Look at How OSU's Inaction Impacted OSU Alumni

Dr. Strauss survivors share their stories

Coach Daly knew

Retired OSU tennis coach threatened to send players to see Dr. Richard Strauss if they misbehaved, former player alleges

“I remember Coach smirking when Strauss’s name came up – he knew what was going on,” Gregory said.“ In fact, if players didn’t behave their punishment would be to go see Dr. Strauss. Gregory joined the class action lawsuit in hopes of changing a school culture.

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Former wrestler says, “Strauss ruined the whole sport for me.”

Strauss molested Chuck when he was a freshman, with the resulting trauma leaving him troubled and unable to sleep at night. “They had to put me on sleeping pills and I ended up hating wrestling,” Chuck said. “Strauss ruined the whole sport for me.” Chuck and the other freshman wrestlers had been forewarned about Strauss, but nothing prepared them for what was to come.

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